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SBL has been a ViaSat (and previously Stonewood) top tier partner for at least 7 years with many customer success stories within the MoD, Central and Local Governement, NHS, Police and other Government agencies.

ViaSat produces satellite and other communications products that enable fast, secure and efficient communications anywhere, anytime.

ViaSat UK, previously known as Stonewood, manufactures the industry-leading Eclypt® hardware-encrypted drives.

With a broad range of hardware-encrypted internal and portable rotating and Solid State drives, Eclypt drives are trusted by governments, defence and law enforcement agencies and the world’s foremost corporations.

Eclypt hard drives offer easy to use, fit and forget, tamper proof encryption for securing data at rest. The Eclypt 200 range can be centrally managed by Eclypt Orion. All Eclypt drives support up to 128 user accounts and configurable password length and login attempts. Eclypt® drives offer easy-to-use encryption for securing data-at-rest.

The Eclypt drives have been certified by UK HMG Government (CESG CAPS to Top Secret), have FIPS 140-2 validation and have been approved for use by NATO, and Canadian and New Zealand Governments.

The Eclypt family is part of ViaSat’s secure IP network encryption, secure data-at-rest, and secure satellite communications systems.

The Eclypt family of hardware encrypted drives are the only products that are certified by CESG to protect Top Secret data and lower the security level by two levels when the computer is powered down or the drive unplugged (eg. Top Secret to Confidential or Secret to Restricted).

Eclypt drives are available in three models:

- Eclypt Core/Internal

- Eclypt Freedom /External

- Eclypt Nano/Portable

All models are available in 600/Enhanced, 400/Baseline plus , 300/Restricted and 200/FIPS versions depending on the level of data to be protected.

Eclypt Orion Central Management Software is available to manage all Eclypt 200 models.

Our Partners | ViaSat

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