Pro5 are five of the largest public sector professional buying organisations in the UK with a combined purchasing power in excess of £2 billion per annum. 

Pro5 organisations include: 

Working together the Pro5 use their extensive buying power to help local authorities in England and Wales: 

  • Get the best value solutions in key markets on commonly purchased goods and services
  • Deliver savings and therefore contribute to local efficiency targets
  • Save time and effort by accessing pre-negotiated compliant procurement arrangements 

In 2009 SBL were awarded a place on all 4 Lots of the ESPO Software Framework (now rebranded under the Pro5 stable of framework agreements) to deliver software and services relating to: 

  • Microsoft
  • Antivirus & Security
  • Commercial of the Shelf Software
  • Educational Software

As a leading supplier under the ESPO Software Framework, SBL look forward to developing our portfolio and service capability in line with the new Pro5 Framework agenda.


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