In 2009 SBL was awarded a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) to supply NATO’s Consultation Command & Control Agency (NC3A) with ICT Products and Services. 

A BOA allows NATO to centrally negotiate and place orders for a range of IT goods and services with standardised contract terms, avoiding repeated negotiation, and allowing NATO to benefit from simplified ordering and payment procedures with reduced administration and project timescales.

The BOA mechanism permits NATO to automate access to information throughout the 28 member nations on: 

  • The latest IT products, services and pricing
  • Points of contact
  • Ordering procedures 

Centralised procurement allows NATO to aggregate purchases across the community and benefit from most favoured Customer pricing and terms: 

  • Considerable reduction on commercial pricing
  • Local offices buy at aggregated purchase rates
  • Suppliers have access to the wider NATO market via a central point of negotiation 

This streamlined procurement environment permits: 

  • Faster and simpler processing of competitive procurements
  • Single entry point for access to web-based services provided by suppliers (configuration tools, price calculators etc.)
  • Enhanced ability to obtain Global, Corporate and Site Licenses 

In addition to holding a BOA, SBL has worked extensively with NATO over the last 5 years hosting the NATO Information Assurance Symposium in Mons, Belgium.


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