Managed Encryption Service


For the past 15 years SBL have been working closely with Government IT departments to identify and address the threats to their IT assets and data. SBL have always worked closely with the MoD in accordance with the JSP440 standard and with the introduction of the Security Policy Framework (SPF) in more recent years have broadened our reach through Government in general.

One specific area of focus for SBL has been device encryption and more specifically the deployment of CESG approved encryption products which require the injection of HMG Key Material.

In response to specific requirements for Customers who were struggling to adhere to the rules surrounding the management or protectively marked data, SBL has developed a Managed Encryption Service which delivers a ‘cradle to grave’ security solution for Laptops and Desktops which will store protectively marked data.

This service encompasses the specification and customisation of hardware, the selection of an appropriate encryption product along with the associated key material,  asset tagging and management, encryption and image deployment right through to secure destruction.

Our Managed Encryption Service includes the following Elements:

    • Hardware procurement and Customisation
    • Encryption pre-deployment testing
    • HMG Key Material acquisition and management
    • Image loading
    • Device Encryption
    • Asset tagging and recording
    • Password Management
    • Secure Maintenance and Warranty Management
    • Data Destruction in accordance with WEEE
    • ITIL Compliant Technical Help Desk
    • Deployment within UK and Overseas.
    • Accreditation advice from CLAS Consultants
  • At SBL we advocate that the Security of your data is paramount, but we also recognise that most organisations have to operate within a budget. This is why we customise our Managed Encryption Service to each Customer’s individual requirements. We collaborate with our Customers to create individual Service Level Agreements which ensure that they access the elements of this service most appropriate to their requirement. We have provided this service to Project Teams who require anything from 20 laptops up to 12,000 laptops.  

    All aspects of the service are completed in our Government sponsored Secure Facility by technicians who are SC or DV cleared. All Key Material is handled by experienced Crypto Custodians and stored within a tempest Crypto Vault.

    In each and every encounter SBL has exceeded the Customer’s expectations in terms of responding to budget restrictions, meeting security accreditations and going the extra mile to deliver Customised solutions.

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