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SBL have a comprehensive portfolio of vendors and services aimed at encompassing all components of information security and compliance, including but not limited to:

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SBL Managed Services

SBL Infrastructure and Security Specialists can manage and support your IT systems to enable you to achieve the ultimate operational efficiency and protections for your business and reputation.

As your organisation grows, IT will play and even more critical role in improving processes to deliver further efficiencies. SBL can help you provide the levels of customer service your customers have come to expect, whilst ensuring that all systems and data remain accessible and secure.

It is more important than ever to keep customer data safe and have IT systems in place that drive your business growth. With the rapidly increasing pace of change, the choice of vendors and technologies can become overwhelming. Therefore, selecting a vendor-neutral strategic partner with technical skills and relationships with all leading vendors to support you through this transformation is crucial to success.


We're Recruiting!

Exciting opportunities exist within our growing Services Team. We are currently seeking an Infrastructure Specialist, a Mobility Specialist and a Cloud Productivity Specialist/Consultant. Find out more about these roles on our Careers page or by emailing our Careers Team on

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