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  • Mobile Device Security
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Secure Mobile Management

The ability to manage workloads while on the move and have access to vital business information at your fingertips is something that no modern business can afford its staff to be without.  SBL are able to offer solutions that enable business to take full advantage of the new technology whilst safeguarding users from the inherent threats.  SBL’s vast experience and technical capabilities within this area mean we are able to advise clients on the best mobile management solutions to suit their specific needs.  SBL are constantly integrating new and emerging technologies into our security portfolio.  Our enhanced hardware supply capabilities, coupled with a renowned Information Assurance Specialism and in-house Professional Services practice, enables the delivery of a comprehensive and innovative range of IT Security solutions.

Whatever your mobile device management requirements, we are confident we can find the optimum solution for your business. 

Multi Supported platforms

  • iOS, Android, Windows

Mobile Device Management

  • Centralised management console
  • Configuration management
  • Easy device Enrolment
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Password and remote wipe capabilities
  • Over the air policy control

Content Management

  • Company & User content generation
  • Content Storage options
  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile access & tracking
  • Content Reports

Application Management

  • Purchase and Development Applications
  • App store listings & Distribution
  • App Security
  • Visibility of apps
  • App reporting


  • Centralised policy-driven enterprise management
  • Configuration enforcement
  • Content & App Security
  • Device & User Security
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Threat protection
  • VPN Secure connection
  • Secure email
  • Platform integrity and application sandboxing.
  • Certificate & Authentication Distribution

Integration and management

Making sense of the different mobile device management solutions can be tough. With such a variety of solutions, devices and configurations it can be complex and daunting for any IT manager.   The thought of keeping your organisation at the cutting edge of technology can be costly. Having the right solution makes it more manageable. It can save you time and money with the ease of managing your devices across multiple business structures and multiple users.  SBL has the ability to integrate key solutions with your existing IT infrastructure and systems by working in partnership with key vendors.

SBL are in a unique position with the ability of working across many platforms. Working with our partners and our highly trained professional services team we can find the solution that’s right for you. 

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security

SBL’s comprehensive portfolio of IT Security and vast experience of working within the most demanding and rigorous security environments, makes us best placed to advice on your secure mobility requirements.

Security for mobile devices, applications and content is a major concern for anyone looking to deploy or manage mobile end points within an organisation. When using devices on the go, employees have access to vital data on their mobile devices. With these demands requires the implementation of a mobile strategy with strong security policies. SBL can ensure that information is protected with an end-to-end security solution for users, devices, applications, content, data, email and networks. Providing compliance monitoring to ensure your devices and data are secure at all times. 

Working with an innovative blend of software and hardware vendors, our solutions include:

  • Access Control and Identity Management solutions including our own in-house Digital Certificate Issuance service; solutions designed to control users access to privileged and restricted data held within the network, intranets, or secure extranet environments.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies allowing users to control how confidential emails and documents are labelled, sent, accessed and further distributed.
  • VPN technologies that allow externally based users to securely access network resources using mobile devices and the key to enabling a mobile workforce.
  • Secure integration of file encryption, device lock and device wipe from a centralised consoles.
  • Geo-fencing configuration capabilities - providing virtual boundaries around a real-world geographical area.

SBL’s vast experience and technical capabilities within the security sector enables us to provide mobility solutions capable of complying with (CESG) Government guidelines requirements:-

  • Following a specific process for device provisioning
  • Applying the appropriate policy controls to each device
  • Ensuring that device management tools adhere to appropriate protocol configurations
  • Full device lifecycle management capability

SBL support organisations to meet the 12 areas requiring security controls:

  • Assured data-in-transit protection
  • Assured data-at-rest protection  
  • Authentication            
  • Secure boot  
  • Platform integrity and application sandboxing               
  • Application whitelisting           
  • Malicious code detection and prevention       
  • Security policy enforcement
  • External interface protection                
  • Device update policy              
  • Event collection for enterprise analysis          
  • Incident response    

Services Support

A Managed Mobility Solution is the best way to ensure that all your mobile devices, operating systems and secure information is protected and managed, so that you can continue to go about your business without the worry that something will go wrong.

SBL have the ability of offer our customers the assistance with deciding on the solution that works for them. Integrating software, products, management, configuration, training, support and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your Mobile Solution investment.  Unlike other solutions we can provide you with vendor independent information and advice on the software & products that best meet your requirement and business need.  We are in the unique positon to be able to offer you a mix of platforms, devices and security options to give your organisation peace of mind.  

SBL can provide you with direct access to our technical experts and resources through our dedicated helpdesk support services.  Each solution will be offered our customised Service Level Agreement designed to meet your specific needs.

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