The need for data protection

Data protection and Information Assurance is a priority for many organisations, a lost memory stick or stolen laptop can cause serious damage to brand, reputation, customer confidence and can lead to fines and loss of business.  Increasing numbers of mobile workers has led to more and more devices being taken beyond the confines of the corporate boundary, these devices, such as laptops, have the capacity to store large volumes of data, therefore increasing the risks of data loss incident and the impacts it may have.

How Becrypt can help

Our comprehensive range of Information Assurance (IA) products combined with our expert IA Consultancy practice has helped many organisations to protect their data and effectively manage their risk.

Our Solutions include full disk encryption for desktop, laptop PCs and PDAs: file level encryption for data transit stored on removable media such as USB devices, CDs, DVDs, SD cards and Firewire drives; port control and end point security solutions to protect against data leakage and infection from malware; and innovative solutions for secure remote working from unmanaged PCs.  Becrypt’s full management suite enables fast centralised deployment, effective management of key material and instant reporting and auditing for an encrypted estate.

Becrypt Trusted Client offers a unique approach to providing low cost, secure yet mobile working.  Delivered on a USB device, Trusted Client offers secure remote working.  Delivered on a USB device, Trusted Client offers secure remote working from non-corporate (or unmanaged) PCs.  It assumes that because a PC is not managed by the Corporate IT Department it could very well be compromised with malware and cannot be trusted.  

The host PC’s hard drive and operating system are not used.  Instead it uses its own encrypted operating system to create an enclosed environment, typically using Thin-Client Application delivery, or Virtualisation solution, corporate data and applications such as email can be securely accessed and used.


Founded in 2001, Becrypt is a leading International provider of data security and Information Assurance products both Government and Commercial sectors.  Becrypt is a major supplier to the UK Government, public sector and Ministry of Defence.  Our commercial range of flexible yet secure, feature-rich security products share the government heritage making them highly secure yet tailored to meet the requirements of the corporate sector.  Becrypt has patents on a number of unique security Technologies.

Becrypt are members of OASIS the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards and active members of the Trusted Computing Group.  In addition Becrypt are members of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee (PITCOM).

Becrypt is a privately owned company based in London with additional offices in Boston, USA and Sydney, Australia.

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