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Simplify Enterprise Mobility

AirWatch® is the global leader in enterprise-grade mobility solutions across every device, every operating system and every mobile deployment. Our scalable enterprise mobility management platform integrates with existing enterprise systems and allows you to manage all devices, regardless of type, platform or ownership, from one central console.

Every Mobile Device
Manage any mobile device type, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, rugged devices, printers and peripherals.
• Smartphones and tablets

• Laptops and desktops
• Rugged devices
• Printers and peripherals

Every Mobile Operating System
Support multiple operating systems including Android™, Apple® iOS, BlackBerry®, Mac® OS and Windows® across your organization
• Android
• Apple iOS
• BlackBerry
• Mac OS
• Windows

Every Mobile Deployment
Enable mobile deployments with multiple device ownership models, including corporate, employee-owned and line of business.
• Corporate: end user and multiuser
• Employee: BYOD
• Line of business: kiosk and shared 

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AirWatch for Apple

AirWatch Simpli­fies Enterprise Mobility™

As advanced mobile devices and applications become critical to an organization’s success, IT is challenged with ef­ficiently managing device activation, con­figuration, security, application management, end-user support, and full lifecycle management across the enterprise. AirWatch™ provides a comprehensive mobile security, device management and application management solution to simplify these processes across multiple device types and mobile operating systems in one single console. Read More


Migrate to a Secure Apple iOS Environment

AirWatch offers a layered approach to security that protects enterprise data at the device, application, communication, network and enterprise system levels. Our security framework extends across our comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform and market-leading solutions for managing devices, apps, content, email and browsing across corporate-issued and employee-owned (BYOD) mobile deployments in a single integrated console. Read More


Mobile Application Management

The AirWatch® Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution addresses the challenge of acquiring, securing, distributing, and tracking mobile applications. Whether you utilize MAM with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or as a stand-alone solution, you can easily manage internal, public and purchased apps across employee, corporate and shared devices from one console. Read More

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

A recent study conducted by an AirWatch partner found that 40 percent of workers use personal devices to access business applications and resources.

With the consumerisation of enterprise mobility, many enterprises are turning to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) models or a hybrid of corporate and employee-owned programs.  By implementing a BYOD program, or a hybrid of corporate- and employee-owned programs, enterprises can allow employees access to corporate resources and ensure that their data is protected and secure.

AirWatch provides unprecedented choices over the types of devices you deploy and the device ownership models, without compromising the security and management of your mobile ­fleet. AirWatch provides a fl­exible model for asset management, policy enforcement and distribution of pro‑les and apps based on device ownership. Read More

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