• VMware vSAN
  • Evolve without Risk
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Scale to Tomorrow

VMware vSAN

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is the natural evolution of server virtualisation. Powered by an integrated software stack, it delivers all key data functions - compute, storage, storage networking, and unified-management - and runs on industry-standard servers, enabling a simple building-block architecture with scale-out capabilities.

With virtualised and software-based resources, companies can dramatically increase efficiency, improve flexibility, reduce TCO and see a unified view across the data centre. Additional capabilities like network virtualisation and advanced management can be added and administered from a single pane of glass. 

vSAN helps organisations modernise their infrastructure with the leading HCI solution. The new release of vSAN...

  • Delivers the first native HCI security to help organisations evolve without risk
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership for enhanced stretched clusters and through intelligent, one-click operations
  • Optimises performance for new applications and all-flash hardware platforms, allowing organisations to scale for tomorrow


Evolve without Risk

Evolve without risk with native security and availability. Seamlessly extend virtualisation to storage with a secure, integrated hyper-converged solution that simply works with your environment.

  • Use existing management tools, skillsets and hardware platform of choice
  • Capitalise on VMware's large, proven ecosystem for complementary software solutions
  • Secure data with the industry's first native HCI encryption solution


Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Make limited budgets go further with 50% lower total cost of ownership by consolidating core data centre functions on the broadest choice of industry-standard x86 hardware and the most proven hypervisor.

  • Shift infrastructure to low-cost, high-volume server economics
  • Simplify management with one, integrated software stack
  • Deploy robust, flexible stretched clusters for affordable site protection


Scale to Tomorrow

Prepare for tomorrow's IT needs in the cross-cloud era with software-defined infrastructure that leverages the latest hardware technologies, supports next-gen applications and provides a stepping stone to the cloud.

  • Rapidly support the latest hardware technology
  • Built for modern enterprise applications and containers
  • One platform architected for the multi-cloud era


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