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Sims Lifecycle Services enables businesses to unlock the value in their redundant or end of life computer hardware, software and communications assets. We provide brand and data security, full asset tracking services and enable you to meet your environmental and/or legislative obligations for equipment disposal.

A global network of transport, recovery and recycling centres provides you with local, national and multinational services. On Site Data Destruction is available if required. We provide consistent, low risk, professional asset recovery services in every one of your locations, worldwide.

Depending on asset value and client requirements, recovered assets can be refurbished and reused or resold; dismantled and recycled or securely destroyed.

  • Asset registration, inventory audit and assessment to provide data to clients on their "surplus" equipment up to serial and part number level. Reporting to clients on all aspects of the service in relation to the reuse of equipment via extranet based track and trace systems.
  • Dedicated test programmes to ensure that any item being prepared for reuse is tested to appropriate quality standards, Upgrade and refurbishment to achieve maximum reuse rates.
  • Secure data deletion using industry leading software or physical shredding of hard drives at your site or a Sims site.
  • Compliant recycling and disposal administered by ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems at each location.
  • Extensive secure transportation networks to a Sims site alternatively we can offer on site data destruction services for the ultimate secure solution. 

Click here to view more information on managing the retirement of electronic assets. 

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