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Enterprise Fraud Management Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Attachmate has more than 30 years’ experience helping IT organizations extend their mission-critical services and applications. Today, over 65,000 customers in nearly all Global 10,000 enterprises use our software to securely deliver billions of transactions every day. You’ll find our solutions in action across all industries, from banking and insurance to retail, healthcare, and government.

Attachmate Luminet, our market-leading enterprise fraud management software, continues our decades-long tradition of delivering vital, high-volume applications to your business. With Luminet, you can gain unparalleled visibility into user activity across multiple platforms with real-time alerts and a screen-by-screen replay of events.

Built with substantial business process functionality, Luminet meets the specific needs of these industries:

Government agencies at all levels are placed in constant jeopardy by insiders—employees, contractors, and even other agencies. Threats include information leaks from knowledgeable rogue actors, intentional or unintentional policy violations, the misappropriation of assets or PII, and sabotage. But even more common are the threats that occur from noncompliant transactions in the form of errors or intentional overrides. By providing 100 percent visibility into user activity and alerting on errors and exceptions, Luminet can help to ward off these threats.

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