Important Microsoft Price Changes Update

This is a reminder of the price increases that are coming into effect 1st January 2017.

Take advantage of lower costs now

After Thursday 22nd  December your purchase orders will be at risk of not being processed with December pricing and could be subject to the price increases that are applied from January 1st 2017.

  • On-premises enterprise software will increase by 13%
  • Most Enterprise cloud prices will increase by 22%
  • Which programs will be affected are as follows:
    New and Renewing customer’s
    • Pricing adjustments for all customer’s including commercial, public sector and Academic
    • Enterprise software and Cloud Services through the below agreements
    • Enterprise Agreements
    • Open Licence Agreement
    • Open Value and Open value Subscription Agreement
    • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)
    • Select/Select Plus Agreements
    • ISV Royalty and Distribution Agreement
    • Service Provider Licence Agreement
    • Cloud Solution Program
    • Microsoft Online Subscription Program
    Existing Customer’s in an annuity volume licence program have price protection on any previously ordered products therefore the pricing increases will not affect these products. If there is a requirement to purchase new products under the annuity agreement on or after 01st January these will be subject to the new pricing.
Published: 14/12/2016

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