Citizens of the Intergalactic Computer Network, Greetings!

The Information Age did not dawn by chance. Neither did the Internet spontaneously coalesce from the utopian imaginings of the dreamers of the counterculture sheltering in Californian academia as the echoes of Woodstock decayed to entropy. Nor did Cyber bound from the fancies of science fiction.


Cyber, the World Wide Web, the Internet, and our age of information are all the deliberate creation of a small group of human minds resonating in the harmony of a mighty common endeavour. The foundations of our world were dug deep and laid with great care seven decades ago. So too were those forces ignited which now transmogrify the thread of our daily lives, the fabric of our societies, and even the stuff of which we, humans, are made.


Read the full article in Modern Gov (May 2017 edition)


Professor Colin Williams regularly writes and speaks on cyber, cyber security and strategic enterprise IT procurement in the UK and internationally. This article featured in the May edition of Modern Gov, a magazine targeting director-level decision-makers across the Government and public sector. It analyses legislation, current affairs and the process of government and with some of the best-informed individuals reporting for the magazine, it has become an invaluable data source for all those who demand uncluttered, incisive information. You can register to read the publication online or subscribe to the printed edition here.


Colin is also Editor in Chief of CyberTalk magazine, a multidisciplinary voice in cyber security, providing an accessible yet thought-provoking resource to academics and professionals alike. You can read a copy online or subscribe to the mailing list here.  

Published: 31/05/2017

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