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SBL have been working closely with the MOD and their Defence Contractor partners for over 20 years, acting as a trusted independent advisor, value-added reseller, solution designer, and secure services provider. Utilising the skills, knowledge, and experience we have built over those years we focus on providing our Defence customers with excellent insight into the market including new solutions and products, access to a vast range of free technical resource, an understanding of how the MOD works from the technical layer all the way through to commercial and procurement needs, and, most importantly, quality customer service provided by dedicated and experienced account managers and specialists. From the single licence requirement through to the provision of multi-million pound systems we have the ability to deliver.

So…why meet the team? Well here are some things you might not know about SBL and our Defence business:

• We delivered over 12,000 rugged and encrypted laptops to the MOD with a full lifecycle management service to ensure a full end to end capability. From start to finish we built a bespoke service to enable MOD to focus on using the laptops out of the box and leaving any worries to SBL.
• We work with over 500 vendors, covering the likes of Dell, HPE, Trend, Microsoft, CISCO, Informatica, Apple all the way through to niche vendors and new start-ups like iOra and EdgeIntelligence. Due to our long-term engagement with MoD we also provide access to government level agreements and pricing from these vendors to ensure MoD and their partners achieve best value.
• We designed, built, and continue to manage the DOBUS patch/update delivery service, which is mostly funded by centrally and is available to all on the ALI and SLI. Since its’ inception it has provided in excess of 20 million downloads into the MOD infrastructure. It is also the only solution of its’ type accredited for use by the MOD. There are now a number of bespoke DOBUS landing pages for customers with specific whitelists they wish to cover. There are future plans to add significant firmware coverage as well.
• We’ve a specialism in providing government-grade information security solutions and more recently our secure data centre was expanded, working to MOD JSP guidelines, in order to provide the next generation of secure services into our Defence customers.
• We’ve designed and now host an innovative and feature-rich mobile device management solution, which is being utilised by the RAF as well as a number of Defence Contractors.
• We sit on a number of frameworks including DOS, G-Cloud, CCS Technical Products 2, CCS Technical Services 2 and many more. We also provide an on-line catalogue of products, which MOD customers can use for a range of requirements.

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