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HP ProtectTools make innovative use of technology to provide better business outcomes.  The ProtectTools product strategy is to make taking advantage of latest technology both simple and manageable.  The portfolio comprises :-

Authentication Services
Enhances the standard Microsoft® authentication process with a UK Government approved Password Hashing algorithm. Different inputs are provided to the hashing component to provide site specific password hashes. 

Password Generation System
Password Generation System forces users to select strong passwords while Last Login. Information warns that your system has come under attack.

Enterprise Device Access Manager
Centralised control of devices e.g. USB Pen Drive, CD/DVD, or a device that extends the boundaries of your network, e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared. Provides Read/Write control of Removable Disk drives and CD/DVD drives. Device access control policy is set, stored and propagated using standard Windows® features.

Email Release Manager
Enforces an enterprise wide email security policy. Centrally defined, the email security policy controls who can send what to whom based on Security Labels, Rules and Destinations.

Role Based Access
Integrates with standard Windows® facilities to allow users to access multiple domains from a single workstation whilst maintaining cryptographic separation between data. Organisations can maintain the required level of security whilst removing the need for multiple desktops per user.

Multi-Factor Authentication
HP ProtectTools Multi-Factor Authentication provides security enhancements to Microsoft operating systems which forces a combination of passwords and smart cards  to be used to gain access to a user’s desktop.

To download datasheets for all HP ProtectTools products, use the following link.


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