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Building on the format of last year, the agenda for CSP:2018 leans heavily towards round table discussions and workshops where each member of the gathered community has equality of voice and where fresh and challenging thinking is encouraged.

These workshops are NOT a presentation in disguise, they are specifically designed to be engaging and participants are encouraged to reserve their place in the session(s) they feel will be most interesting and valuable to them.

For further information about the individual workshops available, click on the sessions below:


Link to CSP:2018 Workshops Session 1 Link to CSP:2018 Workshops Session 2 Link to CSP:2018 Workshops Session 3 

Link to CSP:2018 Workshop Sessions 4 Link to CSP:2018 Workshop Sessions 5  

Sponsor a Workshop

By sponsoring a workshop your host will have the opportunity to give participants a space where everyone has equality of voice and where boundaries are not constraints.  The content should encourage interaction for all, as we make no distinction between delegates, sponsors, vendors and academia etc – everyone attending CSP will be a participant.

As a Workshop host you can pretty much cover any cyber security/AI topic (Subject to CSP organiser’s approval) however it should not be seen as an opportunity for a ‘sales pitch’.  Workshop session hosts should allow 5-10 minutes to set the scene at the beginning and summarise discussion at the end.  This will then allow up to 40 minutes for collaborative discussion where new, fresh and challenging thinking is encouraged.

All workshop hosts will be expected to attend a pre-event briefing session on Thursday 20th September at:

One Great George Street

Full details will be provided upon confirmation of your booking.

For further information click the button below and see page 18 of the CSP Sponsor brochure

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