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Keynote Presenters

Greg williamsGreg Williams

Editor in Chief WIRED Magazine
From Atoms to Bits and Bytes Accelerating trends and business impact in a connected world.

Greg Williams is a leading authority on technology trends and the ways they impact business and society. As editor-in-chief of WIRED, Greg meets the innovators, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs and creatives who are changing the world and writes on a variety of subjects, including innovation, technology, business, creativity and ideas. A journalist and author of five novels, Greg formerly served as the executive editor of WIRED for seven years before taking the publication’s helm. He possesses a unique combination of storytelling expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the future of technology and entrepreneurship. This enables him to transform complex information into entertaining and accessible insights that prepare audiences for what’s coming next. Greg primarily speaks on what’s new and what’s next and how businesses and brands can best prepare themselves for what’s coming. He also has extensive experience as a conference facilitator and moderator.
Spending his days scanning the horizon for world-changing technologies, ideas and companies, Greg is constantly on the lookout for genuinely transformative trends. His dynamic presentation style enables his audiences not only to understand these shifts, but also inspires them to implement the changes they need to make in order to move their businesses and brands forward is a fast-changing landscape.
Greg has delivered keynote speeches at technology and corporate events throughout Europe and the Americas, at educational institutions such as the Strelka Institute in Moscow, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in London and Oxford University, and has given future trends presentations to numerous corporate clients in the energy, banking, retail, and fashion sectors. He also consults for several advertising agencies.
He has interviewed CEO-level business-people at both private and public events and has moderated panels with executives from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies at high-profile conferences and private gatherings. Greg enjoys an international career – he has lived in both London and New York – and travels regularly in search of the people and ideas that are transforming our world.

He speaks on aspects such as the Internet of Things, smart phones as a remote control for life, wearables, hardware as the new software, robotics and artificial intelligence, the power shift from top-down to distributed models, e-commerce, data and why old business models don’t work.


felixDr. Felix Hovsepian

AI Consultant & Author

Morphogenesis, self-replication, swarms & cyber security

Dr. Felix Hovsepian is a consulting CTO with a focus on R&D and AI. He holds degrees in mathematics, systems engineering and a PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), and has spent more than a decade as a Professor of Informatics at Western International University.

Felix has spent much of career designing and building systems for business sectors that are typically regulated; these include, enterprise-level document imaging and management systems, as well as x-ray imaging systems, control system for electric vehicles, software for the legal industry as well as eLearning systems. In 1992, he led a team of researchers that developed a biometric system, which won an award for innovation from the British government.

Felix began his career as a management consultant, returning to academia for graduate education and research – including two Research Fellowships in AI. He returned to the commercial sector in 1992, rising through the ranks to become a CTO in 2000, as well as being an advisor to C-level stakeholders.

He recently co-authored a book entitled, “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business”, published by Springer in December 2017 – this is complemented by his various engagements as a speaker. 

Plenary Presenters

Colin WilliamsColin WIlliams

Director SBL
Honorary Fellow University of Warwick
Visiting Professor De Montfort University 

As both a businessman and as an academic, Professor Williams is a leading figure in the international cyber security community with twenty years of experience in enterprise IT, Information Assurance and cyber security. As a director of SBL, he develops and leads the business development strategy of a wholly UK owned and controlled market leading provider of vendor independent cyber security solutions to central government, blue light services and the wider public sector.
Professor Williams was a member of the founding cohort of CLAS consultants. He has been involved in initiating and delivering some of the largest software volume licence public sector procurement projects in the world.
As an academic, he is developing a body of work around the human, intellectual, cultural, societal and historical context of computing which he is delivering across a series of lectures, seminars and papers. He is an honorary fellow at the University of Warwick and a visiting professor at De Montfort University.
Professor Williams consults and speaks on cyber, cyber security and strategic enterprise IT procurement in the UK and internationally. He is editor in chief of “CyberTalk” a journal for the promotion and development of fresh and interdisciplinary thinking about cyber and the human relationships with computers.


Steve LatchemSteve Latchem

Head of Architecture, ISS, UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Steve has been in IT for over 30 years, starting out in Financial Services systems with NatWest, followed by Public Sector programmes delivery with WS Atkins, then Process/Architecture & Modelling with Select Business Solutions. Prior to joining Defence, he spent 10 years as a supplier of agile enterprise and digital solutions to the private and public sector with Mastek, a Cloud Store provider. Through his career he has been a consultant, enterprise architect, programme manager, solutions director, and senior executive for global operations. Most recently Steve was a senior global executive charged with introducing agile to the enterprise, delivering digital solutions (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), and building and running innovation labs (Model Offices). Steve also directed the delivery of agile solutions to Government via the Cloud Store, including solutions to HSCIC, the Home Office, DWP and Monitor Group. Steve is a BCS Member, and has co-written four books on Process, Architecture and Solution Delivery. He has contributed to international standards definition, presented across the globe on current and next generation technologies, and is a patent inventor of a solution for cloud data security. In MOD, he is proud to be involved in bringing private sector, agile and cloud solution innovation to the Architecture team which is driving ‘Design-led’ capabilities and services for our Defence personnel and coalition partners.

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