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Charity Partner

Would you like to do something for our Charity Partner - The Turing Trust?


Do you want to declutter your technology before Christmas?

Well at CSP:2018 you can, as we are having a technology amnesty.

There it is that nice new shiny piece of kit, you just had to have, it’s got all the latest updates and looks great.  Of course, the cables have been updated and those old ones you have will not fit any more.  So what are you going to do with the one you are replacing?  If you are like most people it probably goes in a box, with all the leads and gets relegated to the cupboard under the stairs or the loft, somewhere out of sight as you only want your new one and who would want it anyway? 

Well the Turing Trust do. They are a registered charity that reuse computers to help bring African schools into the digital world and promote equal opportunity for African students. Not only does this bring IT resources to those who would not otherwise have them, reusing IT equipment has significant environmental benefits, as by equipping 25 schools in Malawi with PCs this will also save 142 tonnes CO2e.

At their IT collection and refurbishment centre in Edinburgh, they wipe all the computers they receive to industry standards and then refurbish them for reuse in Africa. Anything that cannot be reused is properly recycled at an authorised WEEE facility in the UK.The Turing Trust is SEPA Registered. License Number:WML/XC/1166345 

The Turing Trust then load the computers with educational content and ship them to their partners in Ghana and Malawi who distribute the equipment to schools, provide teacher training on the use of the computers, maintenance support and at the end of life ensure that the equipment is properly recycled.

So what could you bring and donate to the Turing Trust?

At the entrance to CSP:2018 we will have somewhere where you can leave your donation(s) of computers and laptops which are less than 6 years old and Windows 7 or above. Along with any of the IT accessories listed below, this is your chance to create some space and do your bit for charity!


Desktop PCs
Laptops with their chargers

Computer Parts & Spares

Hard drives
Laptop chargers
Laptop batteries
Tablet & smartphone chargers


Monitors and cables (VGA/HDMI)
Keyboards & mice
Digital cameras
Network switches & cables
Power cables
Surge protectors/extension leads

If you have IT equipment that is too big to bring with you or a large number of PCs then contact Turing Trust direct via this link

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