CSP:2018 Agenda

CSP Beyond Human

CSP:2018 will focus on a future in which AI co-exists with humans as an active and autonomous agent in increasingly complex and interconnected systems. There is no previous evidence or experience on which to base predictions. Our fears are no longer the exclusive preserve of the science fiction films we watch and the stories we read. The speculations around AI are no longer abstract, they have become concrete questions about lives and livelihoods and already the use of AI is very close to being a matter of life and death for some. Even in the short term, AI will transform and disrupt the cyber security market. Who needs AV software, firewalls,or IDS and DLP systems when AI based constructs will do a far better job, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost?

CSP:2018 will provide our community with a space and a platform where these questions, and more, can be considered freely, openly and collaboratively.

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