CSP 2018: Beyond Human, Society, Security and Cyber in a Post-Truth World

Sponsors and Partners

Do you feel like your voice is NOT heard?

Do you want to have an input on information security and cyber related topics?

CSP:2018 could just be the event you have been looking for.

Fully funded by partners and sponsors, CSP:2018 is an entirely new kind of public sector event that will recreate and reinvigorate the ideas and behaviours of the community and step aside from the culture of ‘us and them’. 

CSP:2018 is  FREE  for delegates to attend and will embrace new forms of interaction and communication, challenging current ways of thinking and acting, and offer concrete alternatives. It is an arena for experiment that encourages challenge, requires rigour and rewards engagement. 

CSP:2018 will focus on a future in which AI co-exists with humans as an active and autonomous agent in increasingly complex and interconnected systems. 

With keynote presentations from highly respected individuals within their fields and a small number of plenary sessions, the main focus of CSP:2018 is round table workshops/discussions, plus The Cyber Policy Centre are sponsoring the “Great AI Debate” .  So will you be in the red or blue corner?

No matter whether you are a vendor, customer, sponsor or academic etc, there is no discrimination. Everyone is a participant and everyone has equality of voice.

So if you want to stand up and have your voice heard, be a participant at CSP:2018

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