• Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 5
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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 5

Recovering from Ransomware in Minutes
Nethan Burke, Systems Engineer, Zerto

In this workshop delegates explored how to protect a business from one of today’s biggest threats: ransomware.

This session included best practice guidelines for securing and protecting businesses which can help prevent infection in the first place, followed by details of how data protection and recovery solutions can be used to re-wind and recover as if the infection never happened.

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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 6

Growing your own Talent
John Hughes, IISP Fellow and Vice Chair AC, IISP

You’ve got talent!

Organisations and individuals are grappling with how best to develop their careers and develop their careers and build the capability of their teams. With the continuing shortage of experienced information/cyber security professionals, we need as much help as we can get to develop the right skills and experience to face the ever changing landscape.

The IISP Skills Framework devised in conjunction with Industry, Government and Academia, defines the varied skills that make up the profession and has been using this for some time to measure and develop the capability of practitioners and teams. We are currently building the Knowledge Framework which defines expected knowledge during career development. Both Frameworks provide powerful tools to help individuals and organisations to develop capability and make the best of available resource. However, we need more tools to help us do this effectively.

This session outlined how both IISP Frameworks can be used to understand, manage and develop capability and generated debate on what other tools and Frameworks are needed to help us address these issues and make the best of the talent already available within the existing working community.

  • Request a copy of the IISP Skills Framework (available upon request or to current IISP members in the members area of the IISP website.)
  • Learn more about the IISP
  • Discover the benefits of becoming an IISP member
  • Watch 'Careering Towards a Secure Future' and 'What Leading Employers and Looking For', videos from the IISP's Cyber Career Development Event (November 2016) below.


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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 7

What's Making Compliance with EU GDPR so Problematic?
Alan Bentley, Regional Vice-President EMEA Sales, Blancco

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, a landmark piece of legislation that will strengthen and unify data protection for individuals in Europe and beyond, now has an enforcement date – May 25, 2018.

More specifically, the law stipulates that organisations must adhere to customers’ ‘right to be forgotten.’ This right covers three main principles:

  • Individuals can request the deletion of data about them.
  • Companies will only keep data long-term to comply with retention policies or other acceptable reasons (reversing the burden of proof).
  • Individuals must provide explicit consent for data about them to be held and processed. Companies must be able to provide evidence of individuals providing this knowing consent.

According to a recent Blancco study, 40 percent of organisations aren’t prepared for EU GDPR. With maximum fines set at 4 percent of an organisation’s worldwide turnover, or €20 million (whichever is greater), and compliance mandatory by May 25, 2018, it’s essential for organisations to begin preparing immediately. Alan Bentley RVP EMEA at Blancco talked through the struggles faced by organisations to implement the necessary processes, policies and tools to comply with EU GDPR.

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