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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 1

The Dawn of a new Digital Identity Management Era
John Grundy, Solutions Architect, Verisec

We all have the challenge of managing 10’s if not 100’s of digital identities, with a myriad of different usernames, differing password policies and ridiculous security questions. This not only makes access to data difficult, often with a poor user experience, it also falls well below the security standards we expect from providers and the key reason behind so much digital identity fraud. Could a local, centrally managed digital identity provider start to deliver a much needed shared identity service across many different sectors and industries? During the workshop delegates explored the possibility and learned how this is already being achieved in Swedish banking and now being replicated in Swedish Public Sector.

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  • Read the SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) case study
  • Learn more about Verisec's Digital Identity solutions on the Verisec website
  • Watch the video introducing The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 2

Securing IoT Implementations - How Well Are Your Devices Protected?
James Murphy, IBM Offering Manager, IBM Watson IoT Platform - Risk Management & Security, IBM Security

Securing connected systems is a never ending task. It’s a constant struggle to ensure that solutions which involved network connected systems are prevented from attack. Further, with the understanding that everything can experience an attack and have a vulnerability, detecting, responding, and recovering from attacks is just as important. The IBM’s IoT Platform has new features to support increased attention to security to help prevent and detect incidents.

Delegates discussed the existing and emerging capabilities from IBM which we are both building into our IoT platform as well as the solutions built on top of that platform. Security features address the full spectrum of designing, building, deploying, and operating IoT solutions. Both well-established and new technologies.

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  • Watch the reording of IBM's 'Secure you IoT implementations - similar, but not the same' webinar (requires Adobe Flash Player) 
  • Download the IoT security infographic
  • Watch the video below - 'IoT Security Explained'

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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 3

Threat Information Sharing: is it working?
Andy Grzess, SE Team Lead, AlienVault

Despite the recent proliferation of threat intelligence sources, security professionals are still facing many of the same questions: Should we share data openly? What are we exposing ourselves to if we do? What is to be gained through collaboration? How effective is open source threat intelligence?

In this workshop delegates addressed the current state of threat sharing, discussed the difference between threat data vs. threat intelligence and defined the attributes of an effective threat sharing program.

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Day 2 Session 1 Workshop 4

Software Security Maturity
Adam Brown, Manager, Security Solutions, Synopsys

At Synopsys one of our missions is to quantify the activities carried out by real software security initiatives in order to help the wider software security community plan, carry out and measure initiatives of their own. We understand that not all organisations need to achieve the same security goals, but we believe all organisations can benefit from using the same measuring stick.

Using a descriptive model, we use a “just the facts” approach that focuses on simply reporting simple observations from the 129 firms we have observed, some of which we shared in the discussion at CSP. In the session we covered some of the activities, processes & technology used in mature software security developments.

  • View the slide deck
  • Request the audio recording of the discussion - please email
  • Read about Synopsys' Software Security Program Design and Development on the Synopsys website
  • Download the data sheet explaining why a Maturity Action Plan (MAP) is a catalyst to establish or mature your software security initiative (SSI.)

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