• Day 2 Plenary Presentations (Morning)
  • 10:00 Cyber Policy Centre
  • 11:45 HMRC

Day 2 Plenary Presentations (Morning)

Use the tabs above to navigate the plenary presentations enjoyed on the morning of CSP:2017 Day 2 (24 May). These were:

Cyber Policy: Thinking Beyond Immediate Concerns
James Morris, Founder, Cyber Policy Centre

Think Before You Click
John Linnet, Project Lead HMRC-TBYC, HM Revenue & Customs


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10:00 Cyber Policy Centre

Cyber Policy: Thinking Beyond Immediate Concerns

James Morris, Founder of the Cyber Policy Centre, took to the main stage at CSP to introduce the Cyber Policy Centre, an independent public policy centre devoted exclusively to the consideration of cyber as a socio-technical phenomenon, set up to provide much-needed fresh thinking about cyber issues.

The need for good new law, policy and regulation around cyber is becoming ever more pressing. Cyber has thrown up a series of questions with a profound impact on the conduct of business by multinational enterprises across the global economy, and questions that go to the heart of the future of the nature and conduct of liberal democracy.

Its aim is to facilitate and develop a sophisticated and productive debate to help shape future policy making. It is an independent, non-partisan, politically non-aligned organisation. It applies rigorous research and critical scholarship to the commercial, legal, policy and regulatory implications around the cyber phenomenon.

  • Download the Cyber Policy Centre (CPC) overview document, outlining what the CPC does and introducing its founders
  • Enjoy the latest fresh thinking from the CPC: Brexit and Cyber

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11:45 HMRC

Think Before You Click

HMRC and its supplier, Bob's Business, developed an innovative Cyber Security Training initiative called Think Before You Click (TBYC) and in this presentation John Linnett, Project Lead HMRC TBYC, explained how this initiative helped to reduce the number of staff likely to click on a link in a phishing attack from 43% to 15%.

'Think Before You Click' was the winner in the 'Outstanding Security Training Initiative' category at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards for work in partnership with HM Revenue & Customs.

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