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Day 1 Session 4 Workshop 5

Empowering the Digital Workspace - Securing Devices
Ken Rowe, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware

Discussion started with challenges IT have today, and what digital transformation means to delegates and users, and lead in to how end users are driving IT to provide better secure solution with a great user experience and how VMware is helping to meet and resolve these challenges.

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Day 1 Session 4 Workshop 6

Delivering the Cognitive SOC - the next era of Security Operations and Response
Dave Kanis-Buck, Regional Sales Manager, IBM Resilient

Effective Detection & Response: The difference between being on the front foot or the front page. With no guarantees of protecting your network from inside or outside attack this workshop discusses the benefits of having an intelligent, effective SOC and actionable response plan. Reducing your time to respond to incidents is quickly becoming the most important aspect of data breaches, and in this workshop IBM explained how having a plan and implementing it can save your organisation from the most serious of breaches.

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  • Contact our IBM Team to discuss your cyber security challenges and how a Cognitive SOC could augment your ability to fill gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy.
  • Step up to the Cognitive Era with Watson for Cyber Security:

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Day 1 Session 4 Workshop 7

Excellence in the Essentials: Real lessons learned in not just implementing foundational controls, but implementing them well
David McKissick, Senior Systems Engineer, Tripwire

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of cyber breaches stem from a lack of fundamental IT and security controls. Organisations committed to foundational security controls can more easily protect themselves from attacks and quantify the impact of any data breach. In this session delegates heard about two real-life stories with very different outcomes. David helped attendees to understand the lessons learned around getting and staying compliant and addressing IT Operations requirements.

In addition, this workshop discussed best-practices in implementing foundational controls effectively and how they can support key requirements including audits, Cyber Essentials, GPG13, PSN Connection and the upcoming GDPR.

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Day 1 Session 4 Workshop 8

Securing your Organisation and Containing the Insider Threat
Natalie-Kym Vinnicombe, Egress Software Technologies

Despite ever-increasing investment to protect against data breaches, statistics show the volume of lost records and associated costs continue to rise at an alarming rate – particularly those relating to the insider threat (both accidental loss and malicious insider). Yet, even though these types of incidents now contribute approximately 50% of all data breaches, CIO focus remains on defeating the external threat (hacking and network-related attacks).

This seminar examined the benefits of a new approach to data security – one that recognises threats can’t be tackled in silo but instead must be managed both holistically and strategically, shining a light on how to overcome data breaches through accidental loss and malicious insider. Delegates discussed the steps required to protect and secure data throughout its lifecycle in order to contain the insider threat.

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