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Day 1 Session 3 Workshop 5

Cyber Security for Managers
Dr. Philip Garnett, Lecturer in Operations Management & Business Analytics, University of York

Cyber security is no longer (perhaps it never was) simply a problem for IT directors or their departments. It is increasingly a problem for management. Cyber security threats are a risk to more or less all companies, and it is inevitable that companies will suffer from cyber threats to some degree, and large information leaks, data thefts, hacking, or whistleblowing are increasingly likely. There is a difference to being a victim of one of these cyber threats and being well prepared with all the proper procedures in place, and being unprepared with no clear procedures. Which not only could be negligent, but will be damaging to a company’s reputation perhaps terminally.

In the School of Management at the University of York we are developing a Cyber Security for Managers module which will run in Spring 2018 for the first time. Designed to introduce management students to the cyber threats faced by companies, and their role managing those risks. This workshop was an opportunity to engage with the cyber security industry to help tailor the content of the module more to the needs of the industry. If you are a manager, what do you wish you had known, and what advice would you give to management students? If you are a IT professional or director, what do you wish your managers understood? More generally this workshop focused on the current and future problems and challenges facing management from cyber threats.

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Day 1 Session 3 Workshop 6

Progressing your Career in Cyber Security
Rebecca Falconer, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Capgemini, Ed Pocock, Financial Services Cyber Security at PwC, for University of Warwick

How a Master's Degree from WMG, University of Warwick, can open the door to exciting opportunities in Cyber Security

The WMG Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick currently offers two Cyber Security MSc courses, available in full time or part time mode - MSc Cyber Security Engineering and MSc Cyber Security and Management. 

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Day 1 Session 3 Workshop 7

The Meme War and Life in the Post-Truth Age
Noel Hannan, Major, Army Reserve, Land Information Assurance Group

The workshop looked at the effect of internet memes on the US election and Brexit debate, and forward to the impending UK general election. It will examine the fundamental differences between satire, political commentary, and techniques which may be better understood in the realms of propaganda and psychological warfare, and asks a number of questions – what, if anything, has changed? How do we apply personal filters to the information torrent and sort fake news from truth? What are the core internet companies (Google, Facebook) doing about it? How does this effect our definition of freedom of speech as we head toward the second quarter of the 21st century? And, most pointedly, what’s next?

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Day 1 Session 3 Workshop 8

Google Cloud Security: Under the Hood
Philip Maurer, Public Sector Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Google’s approach to security. Google revealed case studies of Google’s focus on security internally and with their customers.

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