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Day 1 Session 2 Workshop 5

Getting Started with Cloud
Kev Johnson, Senior Solutions Architect and Dave Rogers, Solutions Architect, SBL

Are your business leaders demanding that you move to a "pay as you consume" model, but you just don't even know where to get started?

This workshop was a group discussion around how to get started leveraging the cost efficiencies and agility of the cloud (or clouds).

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Day 1 Session 2 Workshop 6

Securing Business Digital Transformation with Virtualisation
Scott McKinnon, Security Lead Systems Engineer NEMEA, VMware

Increasingly more and more aspects of our lives are going digital; from the personal to the workplace and in particular with how we citizens interact with government. This move does provide organisations with many opportunities to create innovative new services and increase the efficiency of existing ones in disruptive ways, whilst maintaining customer trust and protecting brands. However, security breaches and the impact of such breaches are on the rise and whilst there are many continuing developments in the security arena, how apply them to organisations effectively remains elusive.

VMware discussed how virtualisation can support better adoption of effective security.

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Day 1 Session 2 Workshop 7

How to Transform Technical Security Data into Business Ready Metrics
Owen Beesley, Sales Engineer, Tenable

The way in which data flows from the security practitioner upwards and outwards into the business has fundamental impacts into how security and risk management are carried out within an organisation. And in this world of big data sometimes more is actually a lot less. Filtering and interpretation, making sure that the right information is presented to the right people in the right way, tailoring the message to the audience, is key to getting the business on-board in creating a truly effective security posture.

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  • Read the blog 'Cyber Exposure: the Next Frontier for Security'

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Day 1 Session 2 Workshop 8

Turning GDPR from a Data Headache into an Information Opportunity
Jos Creese, Former CIO and Independent Digital Consultant, Veritas

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in 2018. It introduces a new set of requirements for all organisations who manage and hold personal data about EU citizens. 2018 is just a year away, and many organisations will need that time to prepare for the changes. It would be a mistake to think that GDPR won’t apply because of Brexit. Not only will the UK still be part of the EU when GDPR comes into force, but it’s now clear that the UK will choose to adopt GDPR in some form post-Brexit and it will certainly apply to local government as much as to business.

To view GDPR as just another administrative burden on business and government from the EU would be a missed opportunity. With the increasingly critical nature of information governance to protect reputation, privacy, and data assets, let alone to exploit the power of data to deliver better services, GDPR should be welcomed by organisations, if it is handled correctly. Organisations that see GDPR as little more than a cost, are likely to waste time and effort ‘ticking boxes’ to appease auditors, and will potentially miss the opportunity to create new business value through improved information management.

During this workshop hosted by Jos Creese, attendees heard how public sector organisations can turn the headache of GDPR into a data opportunity. Good information management practice helps to ensure that public sector staff have the data and tools they need to be more productive and effective in their jobs. It also improves democratic accountability and transparency, as well as giving citizens easier access to joined-up digital services which they can use with confidence, security and privacy. Information disciplines are also now essential for the adoption of new technologies and digital methods – such as cloud, social media, apps.

  • In March 2017, Veritas held its first CIO Digital Debate – The New Data Privacy Revolution. Featuring a panel of former CIOs and thought leaders who debated the impact of digital transformation and how organizations are creating huge amounts of data and collecting more personal information in a bid to gain competitive advantage and create customer and citizen self-service. In addition, the panel discussed how new regulations, such as the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are driving public and private sector organizations alike to review their current information management practices.
    Watch the recording from the live event and get the unique industry insights from the panel on how we are moving to a new revolution for data privacy and how effective information management can not only bring big business value, but also help to reposition the role of your IT team, bringing agility and innovation as well as meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Download the infographic - are you GDPR ready?
  • Read the whitepaper by Jos, 'GDPR - A CIO Viewpoint' 

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