• Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 5
  • Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 6
  • Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 7
  • Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 8

Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 5

The State of the Profession
Amanda Finch, General Manager IISP & Martyn Boston, Director IISP

As information security professionals, we are acutely aware of the increasing complexity of securing systems and the shortage of available skills within the community. There is myriad of views on how to fill the skills gap and on how we should develop as a profession with many initiatives trying to tackle the issues. As a profession, we are relatively young and comparisons are often made between us and the medical profession of the 19th century, where there were a lot of self-taught practitioners with varying levels of knowledge and competency, with very little regulation and accountability. The IISP has been working closely with organisations and individuals to develop capability and recently released its survey on the State of the Profession. Martyn Boston and Amanda Finch shared its results and sought feedback on additional considerations that need to be addressed and key topics that should be included in the next survey which will be released in the second quarter of the year.

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 6

Government Security Compliance: Google's Approach
Philip Maurer, Public Sector Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

This workshop presented and discussed Google’s approach to security and achieving compliance with UK Government’s security principles and standards.

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 7

Building Better Castles
Lt Col Dorian Seabrook, Head of Service Operations & Michael Wigley, Solution Architect, Army Information Application Services

This workshop had a closed audience and proceedings are not available. 

The discussion was open to personnel involved in 'DevSecOps' to deliver platforms and applications securely and at speed, and its aim was to share experiences and ideas.

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 8

People Power
Dr. Daniel Dresner, Academic Coordinator for Cyber Security, University of Manchester

The problem with people… One of the problems with people… One of the many problems with people… is that they are easy fodder for the appellations of blame.

Only variety can force down variety (Ashby, 1956). People aren’t the problem because we are part of the variety; people power is the model – and the solution – to the cyber security conundrum.

We’ve been casting our net too wide for too long. The models we need are small, not huge. We can find enclaves standing up under siege with veracity that no one can help be inspired by. Our challenge is to embrace people power, codify the tacit and release the explicit into our digital lives. Tomorrow’s networks are already here, we just haven’t got there yet.

This workshop delivered the first principles to making people part of the system. Genuinely thinking about our part in so-called cyber security. We considered the already defined 6th Principle of IT Governance (ISO/IEC 38500): Human Behaviour rather than the old chestnut of awareness and education which leads to arrogant cries of ‘stupid users’ amongst the transferred epithets of blame. As the song will be sung if we’re successful: You can’t get me, I’m part of the network. We don’t need to descend to TRON’s level. But if we can’t empathise with it – and the rest of the system with us – then we’re going to be left with sticking-plaster security solutions from here to perdition.

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