• Day 1 Plenary Presentations (Afternoon)
  • 16:15 MoD
  • 16:40 Socitm
  • After Dinner Speaker

Day 1 Plenary Presentations (Afternoon)

Use the tabs above to navigate to the presentations enjoyed on the afternoon of Day 1 (23 May) at CSP:2017, namely:

Defence as a Platform - Secure Mobility and Cloud
Steve Latchem, Chief Architect and Head of Architecture, Joint Forces Command, ISS, UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Socitm and the Challenges of Cyber Security
Dr. Andy Hopkirk, Head of Research, Socitm

You can also find information about Alfie Moore, our hilarious guest speaker at dinner, on the After Dinner Speaker tab.


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16:15 MoD

Defence as a Platform - Secure Cloud and Mobility

Steve Latchem is Chief Architect and Head of Architecture at Joint Forces Command, ISS, UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Steve's fascinating talk introduced the UK Ministry of Defence's transformation portfolio, entitled ‘Defence as a Platform’ that targets modernising and ever-greening their ICT portfolio, using industry best practices and technologies. This enables Digital-pace for MoD solutions and embedded innovation.

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16:40 Socitm

Socitm and the Challenges of Cyber Security

As a professional society, Socitm’s interest is in supporting its members’ personal development and professional good practice. In this presentation we looked at some of the cyber security challenges from Socitm's members’ perspective and outlined what Socitm as a society are doing to help.

Socitm is a society for IT/digital leaders, driven by member needs, governed by members at the cutting edge and benefiting all those who use IT to deliver services for public benefit. Dr. Andy Hopkirk is Head of Research at Socitm.

  • Download the presentation
  • Find out more about Socitm
  • Become a member
  • Book your place at the Socitm Annual 2017 conference, taking place in Leicester on 9 & 10 October. Open to both members and non-members, this is an opportunity to learn from others, discover new ways to tackle challenges, and share ideas. Key topics for discussion are cyber security, shared services and collaborative leadership. SBL is proud to support Socitm Annual 2017.
  • Read the Modern Leadership guides published by Socitm, sponsored by SBL and Trend Micro.

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After Dinner Speaker

Alfie Moore

A fantastic dinner at York Racecourse was followed by fantastic entertainment from Alfie Moore. Alfie is a speaker, presenter and comedy writer as well as a serving police sergeant (currently on sabbatical.) A natural and truly charismatic raconteur, his insights into life at the front-line of the police force had the CSP:2017 audience in fits of laughter. His website promises stories you "just couldn't make up" and on the night, Alfie delivered.

He has written and presented two series of his prime-time BBC Radio Four comedy series ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ which received both public and critical acclaim being described by the Daily Mail as “offbeat, revealing and very funny”. Alfie was one of the stars of ‘Show Me The Funny’ (ITV) and wrote and presented ‘Alfie Moore’s Almanac’ for BBC Radio. More recently he has been featured on The Wright Stuff (Channel 5), Comic Relief, Sky News, BBC Radio 4’s Idiots Guide to Crime and Punishment, BBC Look North, ITV Calendar, Bizarre Crime (BBC 3), and Confessions of a Police Officer (Channel 4)

  • Visit Alfie's website for videos and testimonials
  • Follow Alfie on twitter @alfiemoore
  • Heard a great speaker elsewhere? We're always looking for recommendations. Email our events team if you have a suggestion for CSP:2018!

Photo credit: Alfie Moore - Police Comedian, Tony Briggs,

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