• Day 1 Plenary Presentations (Morning)
  • 10:10 The Turing Trust
  • 10:20 SBL
  • 10:45 Trend Micro

Day 1 Plenary Presentations (Morning)

Use the tabs above to navigate to the presentations enjoyed on the morning of Day 1 (23 May) at CSP:2017, namely:

The Turing Trust: bridging the digital divide in Africa
Dr. Nicola Turing of the Turing Trust, CSP:2017s Charity Partner

The Machine in our Ghosts: Homo Sapiens Cyborgia; Evolution or Extinction?
Colin Williams, Director, SBL and CSP Chairman

Business Process Compromise - the New Normal
Rik Ferguson, Vice President Security Research at Trend Micro, CSP:2017s Lead Sponsor


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10:10 The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust: bridging the digital divide in Africa

CSP was proud to welcome the Turing Trust as its Charity Partner 2017. The Turing Trust, set up in 2009 by Alan Turing's closest family, aims to promote education and training through the use of information technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. By reusing equipment we aim to provide training opportunities and skills development both in Africa and in the UK, whilst reducing waste and supporting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society. Dr. Nicola Turing presented on the work done by, and 'real life challenges' encountered by, the Turing Trust.

Dr. Nicola Turing previously worked as an NHS Consultant and Clinical Lead for IT. Now retired, Nicola coordinates Turing Trust's online activity and development of e-learning content.

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10:20 SBL

The Machine in our Ghosts: Homo Sapiens Cyborgia; Evolution or Extinction?

Wiener's conclusion was clear, and correct, humans "have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves in order to exist in this new environment. We can no longer live in the old one."

As both a businessman and as an academic, Professor Williams is a leading figure in the international cyber security community with twenty years of experience in enterprise IT, Information Assurance and cyber security.
As an academic, he is developing a body of work around the human, intellectual, cultural, societal and historical context of computing which he is delivering across a series of lectures, seminars and papers. He is an honorary fellow at the university of Warwick and a visiting professor at De Montfort University.
Professor Williams consults and speaks on cyber, cyber security and strategic enterprise IT procurement in the UK and internationally. He is Chairman of CSP and editor in chief of “CyberTalk”, a journal for the promotion and development of fresh and interdisciplinary thinking about cyber and the human relationships with computers.

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10:45 Trend Micro

Business Process Compromise - the New Normal

Online criminals already have business email compromise down to a fine art, extracting billions of dollars from businesses small and large, compared to the payback from ransomware attacks, the rewards are obvious. What if there were a way, more insidious, more remunerative and more difficult to detect to make such an attack stick for a prolonged period?

Meet Business Process Compromise, the new normal.



CLOUDSEC Events are one of the largest internet security conferences held across Asia Pacific and Europe. These events are vendor-neutral and feature presentations by industry experts who address a wide spectrum of real-world challenges and current strategies in internet security today. These events are hosted by Trend Micro and supported by indusry leaders, government agencies, commercial organisations, professional associations, technology vendors and cyber security professionals from across the world.

SBL is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 UK event taking place in London on 5 September. Register for this free event here.

You can find some feedback from the 2016 CLOUDSEC events below.

"Opportunity to hear from and engage with international experts"

"The vendor neutral format provided a forum where the content was focused on substantive issues that information security professionals are facing."

Timothy Wallach, FBI


"CLOUDSEC is a must attend event for anyone"

"CLOUDSEC is a must attend event for anyone with responsibility for their organisation’s cloud security strategy, and indeed for cyber security in general."

Brian Honan, BH Consulting


"Particularly well organised and efficiently run"

"CLOUDSEC was particularly well organised and efficiently run; the agenda provided engaging speakers during plenaries/panels, as well as a choice of breakouts that delegates really appreciated."

Joseph Spear, KCOM


"An excellent & highly informative event"

"An excellent & highly informative event. Rik Ferguson's “Empower the People” talk was a particular highlight for me in a day of which there were many."

Angus Macrae, Cornwall Council

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