Case Study
SBL provide a fully managed solution for Artillery Systems

When you are maintaining military vehicles out in the field, you need engineers who are ready for anything, wherever they are and whatever the weather or terrain. 

And they need the equipment and software that can also cope with anything, which is why Artillery Systems (AS) has chosen to rely on the combined support of SBL and Getac Rugged Computers. 

SBL has secured a contract to supply Getac B300 fully rugged laptops and bespoke software to Artillery Systems which allows field engineers, REME Maintenance and Royal Artillery Operators,  to process multiple applications and a vast array of documentations on restricted laptops.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information on them, these computers need to be locked down to prevent users running any additional software, accessing the internet or removing data via a range of USB devices. 

During initial project discussions it became clear that on-site AI engineers were having issues accessing vehicle documents which would enable the assets to be repaired in the most quickest, efficient and effective ways possible. 

The documentation comes from a variety of sources within both the US and the UK and there was no standard naming convention.  Most document names seemed meaningless to REME Engineers and they were struggling to find the information they required in stressful and demanding situations. 

 “It was imperative that the laptops could be encrypted and that activity should be limited to specific functions.”  explained Bernadette Hopkinson, Service Delivery Manager, SBL.

“The client was also required to adhere to a tight budgetary constraints and aggressive deadlines.” 

“Artillery Systems needed a specific solution to address these challenges and this is where SBL’s expertise came to the fore,” explained Peter Molyneux, Vice President Getac UK. “We have developed the B300 Getac fully rugged laptop so that it is able to cope with the demands of working out in the field in any weather and SBL have delivered the software solutions that combine with it to enable REME to maximise the work they do.” 

“Replacing  hard copy publications that required costly updates with an efficient  graphical electronic system will deliver significant cost savings to the MoD” said John Statham, Artillery Systems Team.

The B300 has a 30-hour battery life and a fan-less design which will continue working down to temperatures of -29°C.  Options include MIL-STD 461F, 1400 NIT high bright panel and it also has optional salt fog compliance. 

AI needed a Fully Managed Service which includes the management of the laptops once they had been deployed into theatre and this is another area where SBL specialise.  The service they provide ensures that the Document Management Applications are regularly updated to include new publications and upgrades. 

To cope with the proliferation of documents and their disparate naming conventions  SBL developed an application to enable the engineers to navigate straight to the required publication by clicking on pictures of the relevant vehicles. 

“We have worked on a vast array of Information Assurance projects within the MoD for the past 20 years and our recent involvement with the deployment of secure hardware for the JAMES project gave AI complete confidence in the solution we were proposing,” explained Hopkinson.  “We know we can take a brief from a customer and delivery to their timescales and exceed their expectations. Using our extensive knowledge of Information Assurance in a military environment we deliver solutions for our customers which are robust and always meet the most stringent of accreditation demands.”

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